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Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM)

Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) is the Mother Tongue Language school-based curriculum designed to allow our students to have a deeper understanding of their languages and culture through ICT mobile learning and activities conducted in our own TAM Herb Garden.

Our team of Chinese Language teachers brainstormed and developed the school-based curriculum lesson resources over a span of two years. We invited Dr Tan Bee Gawh who is an experienced TCM practitioner to be our curriculum advisor.  Dr Tan practises TCM at her own clinic and is a part time lecturer at NTU school of biological science, Chinese medicine course.  Dr Tan provided inputs for our teaching content and conducted TCM health talks for staff and students.

The TCM contents for lower primary are closely related to students’ daily lives such as describing symptoms of the illness to the doctor and learning of the medicinal properties of certain food for e.g. bitter gourd and beans.

After introducing the students to TCM knowledge over the initial 4 years, the collaboration with partners provide platforms for the P5 and P6 students to engage in meaningful experiential learning beyond the school. We began to actively looking for community partners who are willing to share their experiences as a TCM practitioner and allow our students to visit their clinics for an authentic learning experience. Learning journeys and TCM talks are the main school-based curriculum activities for the upper primary.

Students who show interest in TCM are appointed as TCM Ambassadors. The ambassadors will receive in-house training on leadership skills and related TCM knowledge.


The TCM curriculum and school-based CCE curriculum have provided opportunities for the students to transfer their learning and put good values and skills in action. The TCM Ambassadors in school get to apply the knowledge, skills and values through the values-in-action activities co-created between the school and Singapore Chinese Physician Association (SCPA). Here is a list of the events that our TCM ambassadors have been involved in over the past three years:

1.    TCM exhibition which was set up at the World Book Fair 2010. 

2.    2012 TCM Festival Celebration cum Charity Bazaar

3.    TCM Health Carnival organised by the Bukit Timah Community Club on 10 March 2013.

4.    AIPS and Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution jointly organised the Health Promotion Carnival at AIPS on 1 June 2013.


Our Chinese Language department’s innovative use of TCM to teach the Chinese Language and culture caught the eye of MediaCorp and our school was featured on episode 3 of MediaCorp’s Okto programme “We are Awesome”.


We have since extended the TCM curriculum to the Malay Language and Tamil Language departments and the school-based curriculum is now known as the Traditional Asian Medicines curriculum. We have a traditional Asian medicines herb garden which was conceptualized in consultation with our partners and the Malay Language and Tamil Language teachers.