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Talent Management

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The school believes that every child is a star and we aim to develop them to their fullest potential. Our Talent Management Programme adopts the 3E Approach: Engage, Enrich and Excel. We engage the students by exposing them to various areas such as Sports and Movement Skills and Art and Music Experiences through the school curriculum. The school strives to identify students who have shown interest and/or potential in one or more of these areas. We enrich the learning experiences of these children by creating opportunities and platforms for them to showcase the skills that they have acquired. We hope that these experiences would help the AIPS students to excel in the areas that they are passionate and/or talented in.

If your child/ward participates in any programmes or competitions outside of school, we would like to know more about it too. Kindly scan the QR code below to fill in and submit the form to us. 


Alternatively, you can also access the form through this URL: