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Learning for Life Programmes (LLP) 

The 3Rs – Leader U Development programme- From Values to Action: Developing Community-based Student Leaders (LLP) is a character and leadership development programme. It focuses on 3 key attributes of leadership – Respect, Resilience, Responsibility. We believe that every child has leadership potential and can acquire leadership skills best in Values-In-Action activities. These authentic situations provide platforms for students to be nurtured as socially responsible leaders who are able to lead and serve the peers, school, community and wider community.

Primary 3 Buddy Clean Workshop

On the second week of January, our Primary 3 students went through a half-day workshop that taught them the importance of keeping the school clean as well as the essential skills required for keeping the bright spots and common spaces in the school clean. This cohort-wide cleaning workshop heightened the students’ awareness over shared ownership and responsibility over common spaces.

Primary 6 All Saints Home (ASH) Service Learning attachment with experienced volunteers at ASH

19 of our Primary 6 students were attached to All Saints Home to interact and carry out interesting activities with the elderly.

Before they went to the home, they spent the time to learn how to make Chinese New Year decorations for their visit to the home. Our students were really helpful and engaging with the elderly at ASH; for the first session, students conducted an art and craft lesson to teach the elderly to make CNY decorations to decorate their wards.  For the second session, the students helped out in the session conducted by experienced volunteers to learn how to facilitate bingo game and memory game with the elderly.

They certainly put a smile on the faces of the elderly at the home during the festive season!

Primary 3, 5 and 6 Character and Citizenship (CCE) Camps

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) camps have always been the highlight in terms of holistic experiences for our students year after year. In line with the school’s vision, ‘Leaders of Character, Learners for Life’, the CCE Camps serve as a platform for the students to display their leadership qualities.

Exciting activities were planned for students to learn values through collaboration and team work. The 3R values- Respect, Resilience and Responsibility were evidently translated into actions by our Primary 3, 5 and 6 students  as they had their CCE camps this term.

Primary 3 CCE Camp: Growing Together

growing together.gif

During the camp, Primary 3 students learnt to work together as a team in completing challenges. They had to use their problem-solving skills to complete challenges, it was not easy but our students did not give up and tried their best! Besides that, they also put their creative minds to work as they designed, engineered and build a car of the future! Our Primary 3 students not only had fun, it was also an enriching experience where they displayed respect, a sense of responsibility and resilience during the camp! 

Primary 5 CCE Camp: Empathy Workshop

P5 Intergenerational Programme.gif

Our Primary 5 students are currently going through the Intergenerational Mentoring Programme where they learn about service learning and the needs of the elderly. To empathise the elderly even better, our students put themselves in the shoes of the elderly as they wore gloves to put beans into the medicine containers and folded clothes with hand socks on. Students understand that elderly faces a decline in their motor skills as they age. What was once easy and simple, now takes a longer time to complete.

The Empathy workshop is part of the Intergenerational Mentoring Programme that all the Primary 5 students will experience. Students will get a chance to interact with the elderly in Term 2. Students will create and set up games and activities booths during International Friendship Day for the elderly in our school during International friendship day.

Primary 6 CCE Camp: Mindfulness Workshop

The Primary 6 students went through the Mindfulness programme in which they learnt self-management skills through understanding one’s body and mind. They learnt to use their breathing to regulate mind and emotions. Useful techniques such as to help one stay focused were taught during the camp as well.

mindfulness 2.gif

Prefects’ Investiture

The annual Prefects’ Investiture was held on 7 March this year. The ceremony witnessed the appointment of 26 new prefects who had successfully completed the prefects’ training. The newly appointed Head Prefect, Gabriel Ziv Adoni and Assistant Head Prefect, Hannah’ Abidah Binte Mazharul Yusoff, were also sworn in during the ceremony. The ceremony began with an opening address from our Principal, Mrs Goh, and ended with all prefects reciting the Prefects’ Pledge. It was a significant moment for the prefects and a proud moment for all parents who have specially taken the time off to grace the occasion. We wish the prefects success in their journey towards becoming Leaders of Character, Learners for Life.

 Prefects investiture.jpg