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Testimonies from Parents

John Hah (Aug 2016):
We would like to thank Ms Inderjeet Kaur Harbans Sin for her valued assistance towards Isabel's SOTA Talent Academy enrollment earlier this year. She gave her time and guidance by helping Isabel after normal school hours to write a science fiction piece which is truly great! We are sure her efforts has in no small part resulted in Isabel being successfully selected to attend SOTA's Talent Academy assessment exams in June. We also learnt through Isabel of Ms Kaur's creative ways and seizure of every opportunity available to get her students to improve in their English.

We would like to thank Ms Meredith Goh. She remains a strong Pillar of encouragement to Isabel and other students under her charge.

Roslinda Sisan (Nov 2016):
I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to the school and teachers who have definitely made a difference in my son's life. These teachers need to be applauded for their hardwork and endless effort that have put in for my son. From a child who doesn't enjoy going to school to now an enthusiastic child who is happy and loves going to school.

I would like to convey my greatest appreciation to the teachers for their dedication, hardwork and efforts that they have put in for my son. His blooming interest in art and music could be seen clearly when he comes home everyday drawing, singing and also be able to share with me the knowledge and skills that he has learnt in these 2 subjects. I extend my greatest appreciation to his art teacher, Mrs Siva and Mdm Sabrina, music teacher for bring out the interests and moulding hte skills in my son.

Hema (Nov 2016):

I would like to thank the teachers for the effort they took this year to prepare the children for PSLE. I would like to appreciate Mdm Mahalakshmi who went out of her way to develop my daughter's writing skills.

I would like to thank Mr Durai for taking effort to go through my daughter's Math problems with great patience.

I would also like to thank Science teacher, Ms Goh, who always thinks of her students even while going out during holidays. She would remember to take pictures of the flora and fauna from those places and discuss about it on WhatsApp.

I would also like to thank the English teacher, Ms Angelin Chan, who was able to create an interest in English Language, in her students. I didn't take any effort to train my daughter in her English What the teacher did in class was good enough for my daughter to score excellent marks in English.

I also would like to thank the counsellor, Mr Soh, who gave his ear to my daughter's worries and talked about what is important at this time of life. 


 Now that Chloe is leaving Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School on 23/3/2015, Monday, we would like to write to thank you and all the other nice teachers for everything you all have done for our daughter. Chloe loved her classmates and her teachers and she enjoys going to school every day. We are glad with our decision that time to put our daughter in Ahmad Ibrahim Primary as Chloe had grown to be more confident and happier child. The school had indeed lived up to its name as being a ‘Happy’ school. We have always felt more than satisfied with the education our daughter has received at the school but we are moving to our new house in Tampines soon, and the journey to and fro school will be way too far for Chloe. Chloe will leave the school with fond memories and we hope that the next school will be as good as this one. We wish all well for the future. Once again, thank you for all your support.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Madam Lee for being such a fantastic teacher. Being a form teacher for P1 and P2 is not an easy job but she done it so well. I always receive a super fast response from her whenever I send an email to her, sometimes after working hours. She always keeps a very close touch to parents on student’s progress in all aspects. Being an educator, she has worked extra miles to inspire the students. As a caring teacher, my son and all his classmates love her so much! My husband and I are happy that we had made a right choice of sending my son to this school. Thank you for all the extra efforts she have made all this while. I strongly believe that all teachers in AIPS are excellent.


 I would like to take this day as an opportunity to thank all the Teachers, Management and staff of AIPS for making the learning journey for our children extremely joyous and pleasant. Thanks to all the teachers for being caring and understanding and guiding the children to learn what is right and what is wrong. Thanks to Mrs. Cheryl Chabbra, Mdm. Foo and Ms. Seow who have continued to be wonderful teachers to my older daughter Tanvi Kurade (P4 Resilience. Mrs. Chabbra has always made it a point to give information, feedback and share photos of our children which we highly appreciate. Mdm. Wee, Mdm. Juliana and Mrs. Rachel Tan, thanks for making the transition into Primary 1 very comfortable for Rutvi (P1 Resilience). Mdm. Juliana has also been very kind to give us information and support for the CCA lessons (Harmonica) wherever we needed it. Special thanks to all the other teachers and staff who are directly or indirectly supporting our children to become a better person in life. We are extremely happy to choose AIPS for our child’s education.


I would like to compliment hid form teach Mr. Daniel Goh. He is doing a wonderful job as a teacher. He such a dedicated teacher I have ever seen. He has motivated my son with all his positive strength which is very much appreciated. I hope the school will also recognise his efforts and appreciate him. 


Sincere thanks from a grateful mother as your group of dedicated and passionate educators at AIPS has indeed given my daughter Ms. Dawn Liew Shi Ting (currently 6 Care) her best part of her Primary School education.

I hereby give special thanks to the following teachers as they had indeed played important parts during these 6 years and the knowledge, skills, morals and encouragements shall remain imprinted in my child’s life.

-          Mrs Tan Li Ping (P1 FT at year 2010 and 2011) for her underlying patience and belief in all her students.

-          Mr Law Him Liang (P2 MTT at year 2011)for his persistence in instilling good morals and positive thinking, responsible for igniting my child’s interest in MT.

-          Mdm. Sarimah (LSPT at year 2010) for her passion and patience in weaker pupils. Without her and her group of dedicated educators of LSP, my child would not have had the confidence to shine.

-          Mr Eric Wu (FT at year 2014 and 2015) for his genuine concern, sincere attitude and his belief in his students to do better.

-          Mrs Michelle Tan (CFT at year 2015) for her invaluable teachings in English and constant encouragement for a child to strive for the better.

-          Mdm. Peng Jia Hui (MTT at year 2015) for her patience and gentleness plus her encouragements and belief in my child.

-          Mr Steven Lim (ST at year 2014 and 2015) for igniting my child’s passion for Science and the remarkable improvement in her otherwise weaker subject.

-          To all my daughter’s former MTT (from year 2010- 2015) as MT always had been my child’s greatest fear, but your group of dedicated and sincere team at MT really deserves a bow of thanks from me.

-          To all other teachers whom my child has so luckily crossed path with, grateful and sincere thank you to you all, for you all had made a difference in a child’s life. Dawn’s success and achievements these past years would not have happened if you did not believe in her.


Finally I thank you Mrs. Goh and Mrs. Han for your invaluable leadership, genuine concern for your pupils. AIPS’s persistence in character building and ensuring every child has a chance to shine is what makes your school a success. My child went into AIPS raw an unpolished but came out shining bright and  well prepared with values deeply instilled that is of utmost important for her future advancements.