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Principal's Message


As we set our sights on the opportunities in 2018, we remember 2017 as another very meaningful year for the school. We achieved much together, working alongside passionate and committed educators and stakeholders. It has been personally satisfying and indeed an honour to serve the school and the community.

As the principal of AIPS, I am excited and am looking forward to work with my team of dedicated colleagues to nurture, guide and develop each child to his/her fullest potential. To achieve this, we believe that AIPS should collaborate closely with parents. In this aspect, my colleagues and I will go the extra mile to touch the hearts of the pupils so that each pupil feels connected, appreciated and believed in. We strive to be a HAPPY SCHOOL that WELCOMES parents!

Besides instilling the essential knowledge and skills in the pupils, we hope to design joyful learning experiences to stimulate curiosity and enthusiasm and encourage deep entrepreneurial dare. It is hoped that our pupils will experience greater joy of learning and persevere on their chosen paths of strengths. My colleagues will provide care for our pupils through counselling, listening, advising and supporting so that they are nurtured as values-based individuals who will soar to greater heights in their future endeavours with strong connections to the family, community and nation.

I am very happy to announce that our Indoor Sports Hall Block is finally completed and pupils are blessed with a playground, Outdoor Experiential Learning areas, Futsal Synthetic Court, Drama Square, Dance Studio, classrooms, special rooms, After School Student Care Centre and Indoor Sports Hall. We are very sure these facilities will be utilised well to provide a holistic education for our pupils. Let us continue to strive for excellence in 2018! Wishing you an enriching and meaningful 2018.

Mrs Melinder Goh- Thong Hoi Non