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Learning Journeys

P3 Learning Journey to OH's Farm

Learning scopes:

1) Students understand and appreciate the life cycle of a butterfly

2) Students are exposed to vegetables grown using hydroponics

mini planting.JPGstick insect.JPG

                Students doing their own planting                             Student handling a stick insect

P4 Learning Journey to Science Centre

Learning scopes:

1) Students learn about the properties of light

2) Students learn about how light is used in authentic applications

science center 2018.jpegscience center 2 2018.jpeg

                                                      Students exploring the different IT gadgets in Science Centre

P5 Learning Journey to Lower Seletar Reservoir

Learning scopes:

1) Students pick up hands-on skills in water quality testing

2) Students understand and appreciate the importance of water conservation

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 12.28.18.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-08-27 at 12.28.19.jpeg

                       Students referring to the chart on the data collected                       Students observing the PH level of the water

P6 Learning Journey to Coney Island

Learning Scopes:

1) Students reinforce concepts learnt on man’s negative impacts on the environment & adaptations of organisms in a habitat

2) Students contribute to the cleaning up of the Punggol Promenade coast

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-28 at 16.07.04.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-08-28 at 16.07.01.jpeg

   Students exploring the environment around Coney Island                          Students helping to clean up the coast