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AIPS Safety Guidelines

Safety is of the paramount importance in all our activities.

The guidelines, as stated below, are practiced by the teachers prior and during all physical activities.

Sports Related Activities (CCA and PE lessons)

The guidelines below, reflects the precaution undertaken by teachers before, during and after any sports related activity.

All unwell pupils are exempted, as supported with a medical certificate or from teacher's observation.
Proper warm-up and cool down to be observed, respectively pre and post activity.
Equipments and facilities are checked for maintainance and safety.
Discipline to be ensured at all times.
Correct and progressively exposure and teaching of skills in handling of equipment such as bats, floorball sticks and hard balls.
For our gymnastics lessons, we ensure that proper support is essential for the execution of stunts (e.g. hand stands, head stands, cartwheel)

Safety Precautions For Pupils Outside School

only roadworthy vehicles are used for transport
driver drives cautiously
pupils behave themselves in the bus and are supervised at all time during the outing
pupils do not climb trees
no swimming unless there is a lifeguard present
pupils keep together as a group or small groups under supervision
First Aid equipment is available at all times
No injury, however minor, should be left unattended.
Proper attention must be given to pupils who are ill or injured.

The procedure for this, is as such

Ascertain the nature of the ailment
Accompany the pupil who is seriously ill to nearest outpatient clinic or hospital. Female pupils will be accompanied by a female teacher.
Principal will permit the call for ambulance.
No medication can be administered to pupil without parent's consent.
Parents will be informed of injury, irregardless of severity.