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Physical Health and Fitness (PHF)


All AIPS students are resilient and motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle.
They are passionate bout developing their talents towards sporting excellence.

Mission (C.D.E)

Cultivating sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.
Developing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain.
Equipping with knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Physical Education - The AIPS Approach

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AIPS Key Programmes

Fitness Friday

Studies have shown the benefits of exercise on boosting attentiveness and academic performance in students. Every Friday morning, students are engaged in 15 minutes of light workout. Fitness Friday @ AIPS aims to promote an active lifestyle while making an impact on students' academics at the same time.

Health Fest

An annual affair, the AIPS Health Fest is an event where students get to participate in sports and physical activities such as the handball carnival and mini games carnival. Students get to apply various skills and knowledge that they have learnt in their PE lessons on this day. In addition to the fun and games, students also get to learn more about leading a healthy lifestyle. They are introduced to various topics that complement what they have learnt during PHF lessons. For more details on Health Fest, do visit the event page.

Holistic Health Programmes

  • NAPFA for Primary 4 & Primary 6
  • Reccess@Play
  • SwimSafer for Primary 3
  • Dental Awareness Talks
  • Height & Weight Taking
  • Medical Screening
  • Healthy Plate Menu in the Canteen
  • Daily Snack Breaks

PE Lessons

Students are expected to be attired in their PE T-Shirt and PE shorts for all lessons.
Students should bring a water bottle for their PE lessons.

The PE teacher should be informed if students:
  • have a medical certificate / letter from a doctor stating he/she is unfit
  • do not feel well before, during or after any activity
  • have just recovered from an illness / operation
  • have any medical condition e.g. asthma