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Physical Health and Fitness (PHF)


All AIPS students are resilient and motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle.
They are passionate bout developing their talents towards sporting excellence.

Mission (C.D.E)
Cultivating sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership.
Developing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain.
Equipping with knowledge and skills to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Physical Education - The AIPS Approach

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Ensure that you have proper breakfast / lunch everyday.
Do not snack between meals.
Drink only plain water (6 – 8 glasses per day)
Have at least 8 hours of sleep.

PE Lessons
Please be attired in your PE t-shirt and shorts for all lessons.
Inform the PE teacher, if you
have a medical certificate / letter from a doctor stating you are unfit,
do not feel well before or during any activity
have just recovered from an illness / operation,
have any medical condition e.g. asthma

Gymnastics Modular

Our gymnastics module is aimed at developing our younger students'


This would assist the students, when learning new sports as well as doing well in their NAPFA tests from Primary 4 onwards.
One another focus would be on building the students' confidence and self-esteem further. This arises from the students executing a successful cartwheel or handstand; actions that they might previously not be confident or capable of performing.
Coupled with the enjoyment, our gymnastics module aims to improve and develop our pupils' physical, emotional and mental health in a fun and safe environment.