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Music Department

Enrichment Programmes

At Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, we strongly believe that ‘Every child is a star’. Through Music lessons and Modular Enrichment programmes, students listen to and learn to recognise different types of music. They are exposed to music pieces which reflect different moods and from different cultures. They sing and play melodic and rhythmic instruments individually or in groups, and explore putting different sounds together.

Primary 1: Singing & Body Percussions

Children enjoy singing and dancing to music. It is also one of the fundamental skills for music lessons. Thus in Primary 1, our students learn to use their “singing voice” and to sing using the correct techniques. Stud
P1.jpgents are introduced to various genre of music of different cultures and languages from their textbooks.

Primary 2: Hand Bells

In Primary 2, our students are introduced to Hand Bells. These are interesting instruments where students will learn about hand-eye coordination, distinguish the sound of different pitches and the importance of team work.Content


Primary 3: Recorder

With the change in the Music Curriculum, the Primary 3 pupils will start to learn the fundamentals of playing the recorder. Recorder is the main melodic instrument used in our school and we hope that our students will be able to master it well under the guidance of our music teachers.

Primary 4: Ukulele & Recorder

Our students have the 
opportunity of learning how to play the Ukulele in Primary 4. This is to ensure our students get the exposure to different types of instruments. The students will also continue to learn the recorder as part of the music curriculum.ukaelele.jpg

Primary 5: Resonator Bars

After learning to use hand bells and ukulele, students are introduced to the resonatorsreasonator.jpg
 bars and learn to play accompaniments to the beat of the music.

Primary 6: Music Project & Global Percussions

The Primary 6 students infused Information Technology (IT) into their music lesson. The students use Garage Band to create a cover version of a pop song based on the music knowledge they have acquired over the 6 years of music lessons in school. At the end of the year, as a post-PSLE activity, the students will learn about the different types of percussions all over the world and have the opportunity to learn to play some of the instruments. The students had great fun exploring the various instruments. They also learnt about teamwork and cooperation from this enrichment lesson.drums.jpg