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ICT Training for Pupils

Basic ICT Literacy

We adopt a structured and comprehensive IT training programme to develop IT skills in our students. This will equip them to excel in the 21st Century. They will be equipped with a progressive set of IT skills to enable them to use ICT for learning by the time they graduate in Primary 6. These basic ICT skills include word processing, presentation, spreadsheet and online communication.

ICT for Collaboration and Self-directed Learning

Students use Information and Communication Technology tools for collaboration and self-directed learning which are embedded in the curriculum. These tools include web 2.0 technologies such as Google sites, Google documents and Glogster. Teachers also use online forums and communication technologies to engage students in deeper discussions of concepts and developments.

Infocomm Club

Students who have an interest or talent in ICT can join the CCA Infocomm club to explore using technologies to develop games, create multi-media projects and participate in National ICT competitions. These students can look forward to enhancing their skills to the next level and also take advantage of available platforms to learn from talented peers.

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