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Learning Centres

Learning Centres are designated areas in the classroom where small groups of children at similar progress levels can gather for the reinforcement and extension of Shared Book Approach (SBA) and Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) lessons.  Once the teacher has demonstrated to your pupils how to use these centres, they can work there independently while the teacher focuses on a group that needs further specific instruction.

Teachers use various types of Learning Centres for different purposes, but for STELLAR classes in Primary One and Two, there would be a Listening Centre, a Reading Centre and a Word Study Centre.  Each centre is supplied with appropriate materials and equipment to facilitate independent activities that provide opportunities for the children to use the language skills they have acquired during the preceding unit's work.  In addition to practising their language skills, proper use of the Learning Centres helps children develop generic social skills for group interaction such as co-operation, respect for others and responsibility while fostering independence from the teacher.

Sessions in the three Learning Centres provide valuable practice and extension of all of the language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Successful implementation of these sessions at the end of each SBA/MLEA Unit reinforces and complements the language teaching and learning opportunities that precede them.

P2 Owl Fiesta 2016

The Primary Twos have adopted the style of learning centres as part of their post examination programme during their curriculum periods.The students participated in various activities such as story-telling contest, art and craft, ICT research and even inter-
class sport games.