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English Week

Enchanting English Week!

Teachers of the English department came together to organise a variety of fun-filled and meaningful activities in an effort to promote the love of the English language. Students were provided with the opportunity to learn through play as they immersed themselves in various fascinating activities in the last week of Term 1.

What better way to learn than through doing and playing games? Level-based games and activities such as Simon Says, Pictionary, Charades, Scrabble and Taboo were carried out during English lessons in that week. Students had a ball of time as they explored the English language in a fun and exciting way!

On top of that, captivating contests and quizzes such as the Penmanship Contest, Learning Walls quiz and Caption Contest sparked much interest in the students’ passion for the English Language. Even our teachers had their share of fun in the Teachers’ Caption Contests! The winners for the top three entries in each level were awarded prizes.

English Week is never complete without a Character Parade! Everyone in school, including teachers, was encouraged to come dressed up according to their level theme. The range of costume themes from Nursery Rhymes to Asian costumes added vibrancy to the atmosphere in school on that day. Students even had the chance to go on stage for their peers to admire their magnificent costumes!

It was truly an educational English Week at AIPS! 

 English Week Term 2 2018