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Character and Citizenship Education


Our school has a comprehensive plan to promote the importance of National Education in our school. Using a three prong approach to achieve this, the NE department is committed to support the teaching and learning of what it means to be a Globally Aware Singaporean who has a heart of compassion and love for our country.



As educators, the staff take National Education seriously. We conduct several discussions to talk through issues and form a common united understanding with the help of Newsteach videos and other resources. These help us develop a better understanding of National issues so that the teachers can impart the right values to our pupils. Staff also go for learning journeys to learn best practices as well as to equip ourselves with National Education issues in order to have maximum impact on the pupils.

Student Focused Processes

For students, they are immersed in National Education in various subjects through different mediums. National Education is infused in all formal and informal curriculum e.g.:Traditional Asian Medicines, Ethnic Crafts & Dances and Community Singing etc.
Students also get enriching learning experiences through interaction with the aged. Here they learn about service learning and what it takes to grow into a citizen that contributes.

Our Primary 3 students also go through a 3rd Language Conversational Course started in our school since 2003. Our students learn short phrases and greetings to converse with other races as they understand and appreciate the intricacies of each language.

Values education is also another important aspect. The school capitalises on our very own Amazing NE Trail@ AIPS similar to an amazing race for our pupils to learn more about our nation's rich heritage.



Parents Involvement - The ONE Partnership
Our parents play an important role in our school as stakeholders. They form an integral part in our ONE Partnership. They help the school in instilling pride for our cultural diversity and love for our country in our pupils. By teaching them traditional craftwork like Indian Kolam and Chinese facemasks, our pupils would get the opportunities to appreciate the different cultures. Our parents are also involved deeply in the organising and carrying out of our in-house Heritage Tour. They are invaluable in helping our staff and pupils for the various Learning Journeys and also other schools events like Racial Harmony Day, Lower Primary Games Day and even the Mid Autumn Festival.

In addition to resources from the CCE Branch, the school also builds up our school's National Education teaching resources using the contributions from teachers and students and developed our very own Ahmad Ibrahim Interactive CD and 'A Piece From The Past' publication.

We hope through all these efforts, our pupils are able to appreciate our past, and be prepared for the challenges in the future.