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Watch Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) Curriculum on Channel 8

The school's innovative Traditional Asian Medicines Curriculum has developed awareness of holistic health in students and raised the standard of Mother Tongue Language learning in the school. The school's PSLE Mother Tongue results have been higher than the National average for the past few years.


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Watch Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) Curriculum on Channel 8

Mediacorp Channel 8 visited the school on 13 July this year to feature our school’s Traditional Asian Medicine Curriculum (TAM). Customised to enthuse our AIPS learners to the learning of Mother Tongue Language and culture, the TAM curriculum allows our students to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of their languages and culture. Through this curriculum, we hope to develop our students’ interest and passion in the learning of MTL by exposing them to experiential and authentic learning experiences that cannot be done through the textbooks.

News on Channel 8 (scroll down to click on the play button):

Watch AIPS students SAY-IT-OUT! on MaxToon Channel

“我想听你说”(SAY IT OUT!)is a unique programme initiated by  MaxToon Channel (Starhub 322) to cultivate confident Mandarin speakers as well as to promote core values among our younger generation. This programme has gained the support of the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) to engage schools in these events. The whole series of events officially started from 1 Feb 2017, where the organiser invited schools to send in entries of personal real-life accounts by their students based on the theme “感恩 (Appreciation)”. 

 The video entries of personal real-life accounts on the theme of “Appreciation”  by Zendric Chua and Tan Xuan En from 6 Care, Ng Jia Hao from 6 Resilience, Liang Yi Tong  from 6 Honesty and He He Yi from 5 Care were shortlisted from a few hundred video entries from schools all around Singapore. These five students were invited for a preliminary audition for the top 100 speakers where the channel will identify the 10 top speakers that will showcase their public speaking talent during their final show on 23 April 2017 at SOTA Drama Theatre. The entire series of events will also be produced into 4 episodes of TV programme that will be broadcast later on the Channel. 

 We are pleased to share that two out of our five students, Zendric Chua from 6 Care and Ng Jia Hao from 6 Resilience who were invited for the audition has been selected as the 10 top speakers. We are the only school with two top speakers as the panel of judges for the audition were particularly impressed with the outstanding performance of our students!

Video (scroll down to click on the play button):

Watch AIPS's Traditional Chinese Medicine on Okto's "We are Awesome"

Our Chinese department's innovative use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to teach the Chinese Language and culture caught the eye of MediaCorp and our school was featured on episode 3 of MediaCorp's Okto programme "We are Awesome"

"We are Awesome" is an all-new lifestyle-educational show for children, showcasing a range of topics from science and life skills to world and school news and children's perspective on issues relevant to them.

Our TCM ambassadors confidently introduced our AIPS TCM Room in English and they interacted spontaneously with the hosts of the show too. It was an exciting filming experience for our students and we are happy to have shared our TCM school-based curriculum on television!

Video (scroll down to click on the play button):

AIPS's Holistic Health Hub featured on Channel News Asia

On 21st April, AIPS was featured by Channel News Asia to share about the unique school programmes and initiatives that promote holistic health and well-being in our students. One such initiative is the conversion of the school canteen into the Holistic Health Hub. The pillar at the Holistic Health Hub displayed holistic health tips and messages for students to remind them on the importance of healthy eating habits, personal hygiene practices and eye care techniques.

Channel News Asia also featured the selection of healthy foods sold at the school canteen (Holistic Health Hub) to promote healthy eating habits. This is aligned to Health Promotion Board's (HPB) Healthy Meals in Schools Programme adopted by the school that emphasized on the importance of having balanced meals to AIPS students.

Besides practicing healthy eating habits, AIPS students are also encouraged to keep active during recess times through Recess@Play activities that take place at the basketball court and the school hall daily. While students are free to participate in different ball games at the basketball court, they can also flaunt their dance moves using the X-Box Dance movement programme.

Video (scroll down to click on the play button):

From F to A* in English

One of our Primary 6 students, Julia Wong, was recently featured in the media for her stellar results at the PSLE. Julia is an example for our students to emulate as they embark on their journey to be Leaders of Character, Learners for Life. Read Julia's story on how she braved the odds at the beginning of her primary school journey.








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