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Parents Support Group (PSG)


Mdm Chiam Lee Choo( PSG mentor):

Recycling is close to my heart.

Much delighted when Aips approached us, PSG to work hand in  hand with the students to set up the recycling  corner, using fruit skins from fruit stall to make  enzyme for hand soap and using recycled materials to make gifts.


Mdm Anh:

Psg members do enjoy our time spent with the students & teachers through Learning Journey, Canteen Duty or other activities. It give us great chances to understand the students and teachers more. Partnership between Psg and AIPS is a mutual and two way relationship that both enjoy and appreciate.

We look forward to continue this partnership with AIPS.

Mdm Doreen Chew:

AIPS is a caring school that looks into the importance in the shaping of a child's character and values as much as ensuring the child is academically equipped for their advancement in studies.
The educators here (AIPS) are genuinely sincere in their work and the efforts they put in to ensure that every child is a star in their own rights are indeed commendable.
As a member of the PSG in this school for the past 6yrs, I can say that I am glad that my children are in good hands and I thank the educators here for giving my children the solid foundation they shall require in life.

Mdm Masyohanah Binte Salleh:

Since the first time i joined the Learning Journey / Field Trip, I noticed that 'AIPS is AIPS'.




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Mr Steven Koh:

I would like to commend that your school has a 'family' type of culture which gives me a positive vibe. Teachers are very helpful as well. 


Ms Bernedette Thia:

The teachers are passionate about their chosen career and when they teach with love and passion, the students are able to learn in a more positive and enjoyable environment. This gives the students a well-rounded education, focusing not only on academics but overall character and EQ development. In my interactions with the students, I have found them to be polite, well-balanced, enthusiastic and happy.