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Principal's Message

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2016 has been a great year for Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School as we were presented with many opportunities to affirm and celebrate successes and offered with multiple opportunities which enabled us to examine and reflect on our educational journey as a school to ensure that we continue to provide holistic education to our students. AIPS has also been featured on separate public platforms to showcase various good practices that we have been consistently practising in school in moulding our students to be Leaders of Character, Learners for Life.

We are also pleased to share that AIPS was validated by MOE during the External Validation (EV) Exercise in March 2016.This exercise is conducted every 5 to 6 years during which a team spent three days in the school interacting with its staff, students and parents to understand the school’s processes and recognise the progress and improvements made by the school.

We are proud to announce that AIPS has been commended for the milestone achievements it has attained for the last 6 years. AIPS has attained higher scores than the previous EV Exercise and the team has also recognised AIPS’s sound processes and continuous improvement by affirming our ‘Best Practices’ through the achievement of two Best Practice Awards (BPA) in areas of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and Partnership.

All these accomplishments have been attained due to the heart and hard work of our present and past school leaders and staff as well as the encouragement and trust from our parents, especially our parent support group (PSG), who have been supporting our school programmes and believing in us and our mission in being a caring school that provides quality learning experiences for our students. We would also like to thank other stakeholders for their support throughout the years that enabled us in delivering quality education to our students. We will continue our journey towards excellence and aim to deliver more student-centric education to all our students.

With the affirmation and achievements that AIPS has been attaining, we welcome 2017 on a high note. As a school, we have revisited our role and relooked, as well as revised on, our processes in providing more holistic and quality education to our students. Besides spurring them to be firm advocates of continuous learning and acquiring mind set for excellence to bring about quality learning outcomes, we will also be focusing on making learning a joyful experience for our students. Joyful learning @ AIPS aims to motivate our students to be resilient learners and active citizens who possess the passion for continuous learning and the drive to innovate.

I wish to thank you for your continuous support and partnership with us. My staff and I look forward to partnering closely with you in your child’s holistic development.Wishing you a good year ahead in 2017!


Mrs Melinder Goh