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Our Facilities

Our facilities that we have for our pupils:

CCE Gallery
DSC_0292 (300x199).jpg DSC_0294 (300x199).jpg
DSC_0296 (300x199).jpg DSC_0298 (300x199).jpg
DSC_0300 (300x199).jpg DSC_0303 (300x199).jpg

Traditional Chinese Medicine Room
DSC_0013 (320x214).jpg DSC_0014 (320x214).jpg
DSC_0039 (320x214).jpg

NE Learning Space
DSC_0097 (320x213).jpg DSC_0100 (320x213).jpg
DSC_0118 (320x213).jpg

School Bookshop
DSC_0111 (320x213).jpg

Maths Learning Areas
20170421_161011.jpg DSC_0116 (320x213).jpg

Media Resource Library
20170320_080230.jpg 20170421_160324.jpg

Holistic Health Hub
DSC_0025 (600x399) (320x213).jpg

DSC_0029 (600x399) (320x213).jpg

DSC_0126 (320x213).jpg
DSC_0024 (600x399) (320x213).jpg

DSC_0028 (600x399) (320x213).jpg

DSC_0027 (600x399) (320x213).jpg
English Learning Space
DSC_0134 (320x213).jpg DSC_0114 (320x213)(1).jpg
DSC_0137 (320x213).jpg IMG-20130226-WA0007.jpg
IMG-20130226-WA0004.jpg IMG-20130226-WA0003.jpg

Music Corner
DSC_0125 (320x213).jpg  

Habits of Mind Learning Wall
DSC_0106 (320x213).jpg

IMG_1697.JPG IMG_1688.JPG

Student Care Centre
students care centre at AIPS 001.jpg students care centre at AIPS 004.jpg
students care centre at AIPS 006.jpg
students care centre at AIPS 005.jpg
   Student Care Centre (Resized 50)(1).jpg

Bottled Plants Corner

DSC_0964 (600x399).jpgDSC_0966 (600x399).jpg 

Study Corner

DSC_0971 (600x399).jpgDSC_0969 (600x399).jpg