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Learning Journeys

P3 Learning Journey to OH's Farm

Learning scopes:

1) Students understand and appreciate the life cycle of a butterfly

2) Students are exposed to vegetables grown using hydroponics


P4 Learning Journey to Treelodge@Punggol

Learning scopes:

1) Students explore how an eco-environment is like

2) Students understand ways they can do to make their environment more eco-friendly.



                                              Students are exploring how an eco-friendly environment is like

P5 Learning Journey to Kallang Riverside Park

Learning scopes:

1) Students pick up hands-on skills in water quality testing

2) Students understand and appreciate the importance of water conservation

kallang waterway.jpg

P6 Learning Journey to “The Learning Forest” @ Botanic Gardens

Learning scopes:

1) Students learn about adaptations of organisms in a rainforest community

2) Students understand and appreciate the importance of rainforest conservation

botanice garden 1.jpg

botanic garden 2.jpg

    Students learning about the structure of a rainforest                            A fruitful learning journey with great memories