Health Fest 2016

Over the first week of February, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary celebrated our annual HealthFest. This year, we decided to encourage our students in understanding the benefits of drinking water, as well as, drinking up as often as possible to keep hydrated. Thus, the tagline for our 2016 HealthFest was conceived - Drink Up!

Students were treated to a fun and engaging assembly programme on Tuesday, with the WaterBots (Sam & Lisa) treating the students to an education on the benefits of drinking water.



          The week continued with activities catered for our students during their Physical & Health Education lessons. NTU continued their annual collaboration with our school, and this year, engaged our students through the Healthy Plate programme - a focus on eating a balanced and healthy diet.



         The week-long celebrations came to an exciting end on Friday. The day was filled with activities for everyone, ranging from Games Day for our Upper Primary.



         Our Lower Primary experienced an experience unique to our school - Papa, Mama & Me where parents accompanied their children to school and conducted fun games for everyone.



         Students were also provided the experience of learning and playing traditional games with their friends, allowing them to share the games that many of their parents and grandparents might have played, growing up.



         To capture the special moments of the day, photographers were brought in for our students to capture their happiness with friends and teachers. The photo booth proved to be very popular among staff and students, and definitely lent a hand to the day's proceedings. 



In all, HealthFest 2016 proved once more to be a memorable celebration of health and bonding.